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Media music for professional audiovisual productions – Sync directly from Artist Label ToneWork Records

Media music for professional audiovisual productions – Sync directly from Artist Label ToneWork Records

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Folgende Tracks zu Instrument 'flügel' wurden gefunden:

TW4724 - The Art Of Fusion

Eternal Bliss
Catchy flugelhorn theme with a driving beat joins with guitar to build a cheerful chorus

Version: Main
Länge: 2:26 min

Fatal Temptation
Mysterious flugelhorn spy theme with a touch of romance accompagnied by a small jazz combo

Version: Main
Länge: 2:22 min

Cosmic Fusion
Funky, upbeat flugelhorn theme, optimistic and driving with a modern urban touch

Version: Main
Länge: 02:33 min

Compelling chord progressions with deep basses and a haunting flugelhorn theme

Version: Main
Länge: 2:37 min

Sunset Cruise
Celebrating a good time with a soft rock guitar leading to a smooth flugelhorn chorus

Version: Main
Länge: 2:24 min

Mesmerizing and fascinating flugelhorn and guitar tune over inviting and cheerful beats

Version: Main
Länge: 3:15 min

Fluid Movements
Delightful flugelhorn and lively guitars accompagnied by stimulating synthesizer sequences and cool beats

Version: Main
Länge: 2:41 min

Diverse World
Marimba riffs and groovy beats celebrate with a smooth flugelhorn and lively guitars

Version: Main
Länge: 2:35 min

Cool Play
Melodic tune with flugelhorn and soft rock guitar, charming and romantic

Version: Main
Länge: 3:10 min

Funky Urbanite
Groovy drums and intriguing flugelhorn with funky guitar outbursts, exciting and proficient

Version: Main
Länge: 2:59 min

Tea With Friends
A joyful flugelhorn joins with soft funk and rock guitars

Version: Main
Länge: 2:12 min

Marching Horns
Captivating rhythmical flugelhorns with virtuoso solo outbursts jamming over hiphop drum beats

Version: Main
Länge: 1:02 min

TW4523 - King Saud

Lynchs Sadness
Flugelhorn theme with soft piano chords, lonely and reflective

Version: Main
Länge: 0:35 min

Wolfe And Lynch
Mysterious and playful marimba theme is followed by flugelhorn, strings, and piano

Version: Main
Länge: 1:17 min

Lynchs Childhood
Mysterious and playful marimba tune is followed by flugelhorn, strings and piano

Version: Main
Länge: 1:04 min

Lynch At Home
Film noir arrangement with warm flugelhorn and strings

Version: Main
Länge: 0:41 min

TW4323 - Contemporary Jazz

Lonesome Stranger
Touching flugelhorn theme with finger-picking guitar and bass

Version: Main
Länge: 2:30 min

Quality Time
Tuneful warm trumpet melody with electric guitar and acoustic bass

Version: Main
Länge: 3:04 min

TW4022 - Jazz Ballads

Shades Of Blue
Haunting flugelhorn theme, sophisticated and emotional with acoustic piano, upright bass, and brushed drums

Version: Main
Länge: 1:52 min

TW3720 - Time Redefined - New Classical Piano Music

Adagio For Piano
Acoustic, live, timeless flowing intriguing piano music, artist driven and subtle

Version: Main
Länge: 4:18 min

Lost In Time
Mysterious enigmatic piano piece, subtle tension

Version: Main
Länge: 3:50 min

Room Of Memories
Dwell on the beauty of life with this warm and playful piano solo

Version: Main
Länge: 3:29 min

Triple Play
Intriguing rhythmical piano motives, lively and subtle

Version: Main
Länge: 3:28 min

Everything you can imagine is real - reflective piano solo

Version: Main
Länge: 3:12 min

Time Circle
Intriguing piano tune, naturally moving and sophisticated

Version: Main
Länge: 3:28 min

Time and memories are telling our stories with a quiet and calm piano solo

Version: Main
Länge: 3:26 min

Seasonal colors and impressions, romantic songlike piano solo piece

Version: Main
Länge: 2:49 min

Remember When
A precious moment in time, keep it close with a soft piano solo track

Version: Main
Länge: 4:01 min

Pearl Dance
Vivid and mysterious piano solo, playful and enigmatic

Version: Main
Länge: 2:37 min

A Fine Moment
Gentle and contemplative piano theme, gracious and loving

Version: Main
Länge: 4:05 min

Enigmatic pondering piano theme with deep bass accents

Version: Main
Länge: 3:01 min